Sunday, August 9, 2009


What is Hallyu?

Hallyu or Korean Wave is a term used to refer the increasing popularity of South Korea culture all over the world since around 2000. It has been 10 years since the first time I watched a popular Korean drama series and became addicted to their drama or movie and the song as well since then. Talking about Hallyu is not only about their successful entertainment industry but also about its fashion style which has become trendsetter for youth-dominated market, furthermore the trend of eating Korean cuisine has been spread beyond asia. All of those increasing trends have made Korea as one of the world's top ten culture exporters.

Long story short, I decided to pen down my experiences, sharing my thoughts and whatever I come across about Korea through my new blog : Hallyu Fever

So for you who are interested in Korean culture and wish to read my post about Hallyu or Korean related things, please visit my Hallyu Fever blog, and I'd be very happy to get any feedback or coment.


Mika Kawasaki said...

Interestiong! I've been into Korean culcure for 5 or 6 years,and also I learned Korean language few years by my self. Korean dorama and pop music stars are populer in Japan and it is called Kanllyu or Hanlly in Japan.

Rashai said...

Hi Mika-san,
Glad to know that! I'd like to learn Korean language too, please teach me some :) I'll keep updating my Hallyu blog, please share some stories about Kanllyu if you wish and thanks for your info.