Friday, August 28, 2009

Smiley Mortar

Only in Japan..

(Picture courtesy of Mainichi News)

Look at them! Smiley mortars at a carpenter in Hokkaido Prefecture city of Noboribetsu even got hatimaki (Japanese headband) on its 'head' makes them look so heartwarming. This 'Waraussu' smiling mortars from Awameiboku Co will be available for between 105,000 yen and 210,000 yen. It means.. up t0 2,000 USD? for a single mortar? really..? wait..I'll cancel my order then :)


Cannibalistic Candies said...

OUCH! That is a bit much to be asking for a single mortar. I'll think I just find a cheap mortar and paint my own nonsense upon it!

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

oh my.. so expensive..
If you would like to have one for home decor, show the design to wood artist in Bali, perhaps they'll agree to make one for you & maybe it will come in cheaper price too, hahaha..
just a suggestion.. ;-)

Rashai said...

yes.. I reckon it's too much for a single mortar.. in my hometown I could get one for less than $10 ha.ha.:)

Rashai said...

Good idea Jeanne :)