Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coffee Story

Coffee and cigarette are two inseparable things, especially for men, and I just found this interesting 'Coffee Story' by Ryohei Yoshiyuki.

An ashtray made out of used coffee grinds, what an amazing idea and invention from Ryohei. The coffee's fragrance will neutralize the strong odor from the cigarette.

Ashtray made out of used coffee grinds

(Pictures courtesy of Ryohei Yoshiyuki)


gulf said...

It's a good invention,I like it.I think it can add some decoration, change its color,shape...may look better:)
Do you smoke?

Miss Zane said...

Ha, Clever !!

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

hmm.. I love coffee..
each time I enter Starbucks, I just inhale the aroma.. I LOVE it!!
as much as I love nice TEA (^^,)*

btw, this is a great invention.. I hate it when my coworkers smoke, I always tell them to smoke outside.. haha..

Rashai said...

Gulf, I did but quited 8 years ago :)

Miss Zane,many clever people but only a few who think out of the box, sometimes just wonder how they come up with the clever idea like this one :)

Jeanne, I love them both too.. :)

Miss Zane said...

You did smoke ?? aheuhaeuhaua..
An aced question :p

Rashai said...

Miss Zane, ha!..I shouldn't answer the question :)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

hahaha..why To? felt like busted?

Rashai said...

Jeanne, you read my mind .. :)