Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tokyo 2016

It's about one week to go for the announcement whether Tokyo will win the Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid. IOC will announce the city to host 2016 Summer Olympics on October 2, 2009. Tokyo's competitors are Chicago (US), Madrid (Spain), and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). If Tokyo wins the bid, it's gonna be the second time to host Summer Olympics after the previous one in 1964.

'Nihon dakara Dekiru. Atarashii Olympic!' ((日本だから、できる。あたらしいオリンピック!) is the motto in Japanese and the English version is "Uniting Our Worlds"
(Picture courtesy of Tokyo 2016)

Japanese anime heroes show their support for Tokyo's Olympic 2016 bid in a parade held in Omotesando.

(Picture courtesy of Andi Laver via Japan Today)

I do hope Tokyo wins too... full support from me Tokyo! Ganbatte ne.. :)
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草(sou) said...

Thank you for assistance to Tokyo!
I hope it :)
Have a wonderful weekend !