Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Sook Cut

This post is not about amazing gadget from Japan, no.. but indeed it's a really cool gadget for foodies who addicted to facebook or other social networking sites, you can stay connected while cooking at your kitchen, checking out the recipe list, snapshot your creation and share the picture on your facebook all at once.

The Sook Cut is a three-part concept designed by Adam Brodowski, a design student at Savanah College of Art and Design in USA, that makes delicious meals out of ingredients you may not know how to combine.

The cutting board (Sook Cut) contains a moisture sensor, scale, and electronic tongue to determine what food is being prepared, then sends the information to Sook Touch to generate a delicious recipe.

The Sook Touch is a touch sensitive display that lists recipes, detailed nutritional information, and stores a library of ingredients. You can touch and drag the to build custom recipe, save and upload the to the web.
The final piece is Sook Dock, not only does it charge the Sook Cut abd Touch appliances, it also work as an RFID scanner to identify what foods are nearby and then adds them to the Sook Touch database. When you finished cooking, Sook Touch takes snapshots of your creation and syncs them to your food blog!
(Source: Yanko Design)

Sook Cut

Sook Touch

Sook Dock
(All pictures from Yunko Design)

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