Saturday, September 12, 2009

World Chef Showcase

Another foodie event is coming to town!
Sydney International Food Festival will be held in Sydney in October 9-11 with one of the much-anticipated events is World Chef Showcase weekend, combining cooking demonstration, talks and tastings with top chefs from Sydney and around the world, including the culinary master Yoshihiro Murata from the legendary Kikunoi restaurant in Kyoto, Japan. There will be tastings and tipples, recipes, book signing and much more.
For more information please click: Sydney Internatonal Food Festival, and you can book the ticket via Ticketmaster.

Here are some creative pictures representing each country.

(Pictures courtesy of SIFF)


草(sou) said...

Japanese Flag seems to be made umeboshi:)
wonderful weekend!

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

hmm.. to beautiful to eat..

Miss Zane said...

huks pengen moto in sendiri satu2 "^^

Rashai said...

@Sou: so is that Umeboshi?

@Jeanne: indeed beautiful and very creative :)

Miss Zane: ayo..tinggal dateng kesini :)

gulf said...

They are lovely,I should eat them!!
Where could I find these pics??
I want to see more but can't find in its website.

Rashai said...

Gulf, you can find the pictures either on their website (click on Director's blog)or last weekend's Sydney Morning Herald (newspaper) :)

kenwooi said...

wow very nice and creative! =D