Saturday, October 10, 2009

Murata Seiko-chan

'Murata Seiko-chan', a cute female unicycle-riding robot from Murata manufacturing Co, was showing off her skill on a tiny bar during the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) Japan 2009, on Tuesday at Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba.

Murata Seiko-chan
(Picture courtesy of Mainichi News)

Another debut from Nissan was 'Eporo', a group of miniature robots that model fish behavior to move around in groups while avoiding obstacles.

Nissan's Eporo
(Picture courtesy of Mainichi News)

And among the best attractions was 'HRP-4C', the girlie humanoid in a new look sang a song for visitors accompanied by a similarly cybernetic piano player.

HRP-4C, the cute humanoid
(Picture courtesy of Mainichi News)

This Asia's largest electronic show runs through this Saturday and is expected to draw some 200,000 visitors

(Source: Mainichi News)

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草(sou) said...

Nissan's Eporo is so cute!
Thank you for worrying about the typhoon of Japan!!
have a wonderful weekend:)