Monday, October 5, 2009

Otaku Car Festival

Only in Japan..

I wish I were in Tokyo last weekend, visiting 'Otaku' Car Festival in Odaiba on Sunday, October 4. Fans flocked to this unique festival in Tokyo's Odaiba, with some 830 vehicles adorned with illustration of popular anime and video game characters on display.
The second 'Itasha G Fesuta' was organized by a graphic magazine specializing in 'itasha' a Japanese term for cars with their bodies colorfully painted with characters from anime, manga and video games. In addition to a live painting performance on a Lincoln Limousine, featured were an array of cars, bikes and bicycles that were decorated by anime fans as well as cosplayers dressed as popular characters.
(Source: Mainichi News)

(All pictures courtesy of Mainichi)


Mika Kawasaki said...

Wow! These vehicles are quite an achievement! but I don't have the courage to ride that cars (^_^;

Rashai said...

Mika san, I wish I could ride or drive one of them .. :)

サラ said...

i'd ride the one with Saber from Fate Stay Night on it!! :D

Rashai said...

Thanks for dropping by, I'd be happy to ride any of those cars :)

Brad Farless said...

Those are some pretty cool cars. Don't know if I'd be confident enough to drive them if I were in the US, but in Japan? Absolutely. Heck, even in the Philippines.

(I'm from the US, married to a Filipina, living in Singapore. ^_^)

Rashai said...

Hi Brad, thanks for dropping by, would you drive them in Singapore? :)

Brad Farless said...

I don't think I'd drive much of anything at all here in Singapore. Taxes are too high on cars. It's the government's way of limiting the number of people who have vehicles to reduce pollution and overcrowding on the roads.

Rashai said...

Hi Brad,
I agree with you and the government's policy is understandable for that high populated city. By the way, you got nice blog! looks like you never leave home without your camera :)

Brad Farless said...

Well, I either have my regular camera or my iPhone with me. I find it easier to blog about things I see and I like to have a visual in the post to illustrate the topic. Plus, people just like pictures. ^_^

Thanks for the compliment about my blog!