Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree, a new tower under construction in Tokyo for terrestrial digital broadcasting will be the world's tallest self-standing tower with its 634 meters high.
At the foot of the new tower will be a 'town with a tower' spans about 400m from east to west, connecting plaza leading from Oshiage Station to the tower lobby on level four of the facility, three plazas in front of the station along Kitajukken River, and Shinsui Park will form a community where visitors and nearby residents will gather.
This tower stands in a major traditional international tourism zone of Japan. Located in Sumida ward, about 1km east of Asakusa and about 2km northeast of Ryogoku (a town famous for sumo wrestling), this new landmark of Tokyo will be open in spring 2012.
(Source: Tokyo Sky Tower)

(Pictures courtesy of: Tokyo Sky Tower)


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