Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms or Sakura represents spring, in Japan a wide variety of Sakura can be found (believed to be more than 200 varieties) and the most popular variety is Somei Yoshino with pure white petals and tinged with the palest pink, especially near the stem.

This spring somehow I couldn't make my way to the Sakura Matsuri at Cowra Japanese Garden being held this weekend on September 25-26, but I did take some sakura's shots around Katoomba and Leura in the Blue Mountain region.

Here are some of them..


草(sou) said...

Wonderful! The color with a light cherry blossoms is beautiful:)

Rashai said...

Thanks Sou! but I can't compare my pictures to yours, your pictures are much more beautiful :)