Sunday, September 5, 2010

Onigiri with Furikake?

Today I was too lazy to go out to get something yummy, the gusty wind ripped through the city from the morning. Too lazy to cook too... so just made myself some simple Onigiri.

(My Onigiri, one plain and one with furikake)

Nothing fancy, just simple onigiri made from sushi rice, lightly salted, stuffed with fish floss and sprinkled with furikake.


briony said...

Great blog, I've really enjoyed browsing your posts since discovering this via the Guardian the other day (the blog was mentioned in the comments section!).

I have a passionate love for all things Japanese - especially food, so thanks for sharing :)


Rashai said...

Thanks! Glad to know someone with the same passion :) You got great blog too!


nonchan said...

Your onigiri's explanation is very useful english lesson for me: )

Which onigiri do you like??
I like salmon or temmusu(☆

By the way, thank you for imfomation of Bali! I'm exciteing now;)

Rashai said...

Nonchan, I love tenmusu too..:) Thanks for that tenmusu link, it's really a nice web and enjoy your Bali trip :)


Chemistry Grad said...

where can I find furikake in Sydney? any particular store that you can recommend would be very helpful.

Rashai said...

Hi Grad,
If you live in the city you can go to Maruyu Japanese store on the basement of 283-285 Clarence st, not far from QVB, or if you live in the lower North Shore you can go to Tokyo Mart inside the Northbridge Plaza, Sailor Bay rd Northbridge. Alternatively if you prefer to shop around Chinatown you also can find it at the Japanese food section in Thai Kee (Iga)supermarket on the second floor of Market city building.
Hope this helps.