Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Food Safari

I've been traveling to 5 cities during my first week only in this country, what a tight and tiring schedule since I got to catch up with some friends and join my big family's gathering, yet I did enjoy my trip and off course my food hunting!
Here are some of my yummy pictures taken during my year-end holiday trip, started with the famous Singapore Chili Crab.

Singapore Chili Crab at Long Beach Restaurant, East Coast-Singapore

Kangkung with garlic at Long Beach Restaurant

Nasih Gudeg Manggar (Rice with gudeg) from Eva Coffee House in Bedono-Ambarawa, Central Java. I was on my way up to Bandungan, a highland resort in Central Java.

Gudeg is a traditional food originated from Yogyakarta a city of Central Java, made from stewed young jackfruit, slow cooked in coconut milk and usually topped with egg, chicken, tofu and spicy ox skin.

Bubur gudeg (Porridge with gudeg) served on banana leaves at Gudeg Yu Tien Muntilan, it was my breakfast in Muntilan, 30 minutes drive from Yogjakarta.

Fried Rice with egg, beef jerky, baked bean and chicken nuggets.
It's my breakfast at Susan Spa and Resort, Bandungan-Central Java

Nasi Pecel, a famous local food at Goa Maria Kerep, Ambarawa
(Rice with pecel, a mix of vegetables, bean sprout, and noodle with peanut dressing)

Soto Sangka, my favorite Soto (Soup with chicken, bean sprout, peanut) from my hometown

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Calvin Soo KJ said...

the food looks yummy but they sure do have funny names. :)