Sunday, December 7, 2008

Season of Snow

Sunday afternoon, the cinema was packed with Japanese film’s mania, lucky that I booked the ticket last week to save the hassle and reserve the seats, still the best seats available was on the 4th row from the front.

Season of Snow is a sport melodrama movie with a bit touch of humor which vividly showing the stunning view of the majestic white mountain of Hakuba. The story taken place in snow resort town, this ‘mogul town’ is struggling to compete with their next-door resort by offering a white snow wedding package in a snow chapel. The first customer is Nanami (Rena Tanaka), who came early without the groom in order to practice skiing as the wedding ceremony requires the couple to make their way off the chapel on ski. Gin (Eita) who called himself an ‘Alpine Handyman’ offers to teach Nanami to ski for 20,000 Yen per day.

The problem starts when Gin and his two friends causing an avalanche and destroy the white chapel just one day before the wedding! Meanwhile Nanami discover Gin’s past as a ski champion who given up his dream after an accident during a championship, but Nanami herself got her own reason coming to this snow resort. Will they forget their past and make a comeback?

I found some different titles for this movie in Japan: Giniro no season, Silver Season and Limit of Love.

Click on the banner below to check the trailer from the official website


It’s definitely a movie I would recommend to anyone who loves Japanese movie and the stunning beauty of Snowy Mountain. The main characters Gin and Nanami are adorable, the skiing show is awesome and the view of White Mountain is just spectacular!

There was a lucky draw before the movie starts showing, and yes I was very lucky to win a show bag from The Nagano City tourism. The show bag comprises a black jumper and T-shirt (my favorite color), a set of books from Nagano City tourism, and a pack of Japanese Kit Kat :)

The shooting location was in Hakuba, which is famous for snow resort and Snow Monkey.It's the only place where you can see monkeys bathing in onsen! I will make a post about Snow Monkey later on then.

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Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

WOW! I really love snowy mountain, I can try skiing again.
Only tried it once and it was GREAT!! although bergulung2 dulu at the beginning, haha..

congrats for the package..