Sunday, December 14, 2008

X'mas Card

Back then years ago when the word 'internet' still sounds like a 'luxurious' thing, around this time of the year I would be busy sending out Christmas cards to relatives and friends, also expecting the postman would stop by and deliver some X'mas card for me.
Since internet became a 'basic need' for our daily life, especially for those who can't go to bed before surfing the web and blogging :) we used to send e-card for any occasion including this greeting season, so I reckoned X'mas cards have gone out of style.
I can't even remember when the last time I got X'mas card in my mailbox, but last week I got one in my mail box! It's a Sanrio greeting card from Japan mailed by a best friend in Kobe!

It's really a unique pop-up card with sushi design. The card opens to a sushi restaurant with food on a revolving belt, the opening and closing motion of the card causes the belt to move! It's really great for a sushi lover like me :)

The Christmas greeting reflects the sincerity and it's really meaningful, I would cherish that nice Christmas card, Arigato gozaimasu Kumi-san!


Calvin Soo KJ said...

that's one cool xmas card. japanese are really creative....merry xmas to you too bro...

Rashai said...

@Calvin: Thanks Bro.. Merry Christmas to you too..

Iku said...

That's interesting Xmas card!!
I'd like to go to Sanrio shop to check out some greeting cards earlier. :D
Happy Christmas!!

Rashai said...

Thanks Iku, Happy Christmas to you too.. :)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

WOW! It's a great one.
I miss those REAL card, not just from email.. haha..

well again, Happy Christmas!!

Mika Kawasaki said...

Cute cards!!☆
I've never received a chrismas card in my life.(^^;
In Japan,there is a custom of giving own children a chrismas present,but It's not a custom to send chrismas cards yet..
Merry Chrismas to you!!

Mika Kawasaki said...

Cute card!!
I've never received a Christmas card in my life.(^^;
In Japan,there is a custom of giving own children a Christmas present,but It's not a custom to send Christmas card yet..
Merry Christmas to you!!

Rashai said...

@Mika: Thanks Mika, send me your address and I will send the cute one for you :)

@Jeanne: Thanks Jeanne, I feel the same way, sometimes I just missed those real card, it gives more excitement when you open the envelope and the card to see what inside rather than reading an e-card or sms :)