Friday, December 12, 2008

Scampi Sashimi

Here is another favorite Japanese cuisine in town: Sakae Japanese Restaurant, located at 116 Liverpool street in the city. They have a great range of sushi, sashimi, lunch and dinner set at reasonable price.

Last weekend I had Scampi Sashimi and Teriyaki Beef for my lunch at this restaurant. The Scampi Sashimi was really fresh and oishi..! It's not an everyday sashimi you will find in a Japanese restaurant, also they have some other sashimi like King Fish, Scallop and Mussel Sashimi.
The entree sashimi (9 pcs) costs about $10-$12, and main sashimi (15 pcs) for $15-$16. My Scampi Sashimi was on 'Today's special' and it was only $6.5

My Teriyaki Beef set comes with rice, miso soup and salad which comprises lettuce, corn, peas, cucumber, carrot, and raisin! Yes raisin in a salad! it was the first time I got a salad with raisin and it mixed well with the veggies. The Teriyaki Beef was very tender and really yummy, I would say it's the best Teriyaki in town.

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