Sunday, February 15, 2009


A blogger friend in Tokyo just celebrated her birthday and she got ichigo daifuku from her co-workers, since I love daifuku too she promised to send me one and yesterday I got the daifuku in Sydney, thanks May-chan... joudan! ha.. ha..joking.. :-)

I got the daifuku from Natsu Matsuri (Japanese Summer Festival) in Sydney yesterday, there was a food stall from Fuji Japanese Bakery selling some mochi daifuku. I bought some ichigo daifuku (daifuku stuffed with strawberry) and the assorted ones which comprises a normal mochi daifuku, roasted daifuku, and green tea daifuku.

Daifuku, literally means"great luck", is a Japanese mochi (glutinous rice cake) stuffed with some sweet read bean paste but nowadays it varies from green tea paste to strawberry. Normally most of daifuku are covered with corn or taro starch to make them not sticky

Ichigo Daifuku (stuffed with read bean and strawberry)

Assorted Daifuku


nonchan said...

I love Ichigodaihuku;-D
Kuri Manjyu(chestnut-jam bun)also good japanese sweet.

・*:..May..:*・ said...

wow, you could get Daifuku in your place!that's great!
i've never heard the roasted daifuku...

green tea taste also good,right?

Rashai said...

Nonchan, I've never tried Kuri Manjyu, I'll see if I can find one here, thanks.

May-chan, normally I bought the pre-packed daifuku at supermarket, but of course I prefer the home made daifuku or the one 'fresh from the oven'. Not sure about the roasted one though, is it really roasted?
yes I like the green tea as well