Friday, February 6, 2009

Heat wave

It's gonna be a hot weekend!

After last week heat wave hit Adelaide and Melbourne for almost the whole week, a records of 40 plus temperature in South Australia and Victoria have set up a new record for the hottest days in 75 years, now the heat wave is approaching Sydney! Warning of scorching heat for Sunday with the top of 44 C in the city's west, so I will definitely be staying indoor for this weekend.

"However this may be mild compared to the state's west which could bake under 47C, according to The Daily Telegraph, the hottest place on the planet".

Still in 'heat wave' topic, a friend emailed me these pictures of a little Koala looking for a bit of heat relief.


Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

The hottest summer I've ever experienced was Beijing, China 2005, kapok dah.. anginnya kaya angin buangan AC.. panasss..

The Koala is so cute!
If I ever had a chance to visit Australia, to hold Koala in my arms is a must. Some told me they stink, but I don't care.. they can't smell it on photos anyway.. hahaha..

Yuliana-Fun said...

aihhhh liat koala berendam itu lucunyaaaa.... jadi berasa dingin hahaha :)

Rashai said...

Jeanne, yup.. they stink a bit and they can sleep for 16 hours a day!

Fun, iya nih lagi perlu yg dingin2.. hari ini kalo diluar rumah udah kayak dipanggang.. just like Jeanne said, anginnya aja kayak angin dari oven..fuih...

nonchan said...

So cute koala;-) Kawaiine!