Thursday, February 19, 2009

Natsu Matsuri

It's time for Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival), a time when you can mingle with Japanese people and see the girls dressed up in Yukatas (summer kimono). Indeed it wasn't as big as the ones in Japan where thousands of folk having a great time out with friends and enjoying spectacular fireworks when the sun sets.
There were some booths selling tempting Japanese food including takoyaki and daifuku (mochi), where I got my Ichigo Daifuku. Despite the drizles, the folks did enjoy some performaces like Taiko drum, duo claps (the world yoyo champions from Japan), traditional Japanese bon-dance, Soran dance, Hip Hop dance by Dancekool Studio, Noriko Tadano playing tsugaru shamisen (Japanese banjo) and singing folk song, and the list still goes on. Unfortunately I didn't manage to stay till 9 pm when the final soran and bon dance closed the great festival.

Here some photos from Natsu Matsuri at Harbourside Amphitheatre, Darling Harbour Sydney presented by Japan Club of Sydney last week

Soran danc

Japanase traditional bon-dance


Charmaine said...

nice to meet you! i heard there is a drama about densha otoko too, when i am free i am going to search it!

thanks for the comment about the onigiri. I like onigiri too, it is easy to make, delicious, full of nutrients!

I envy you so much! you can travel to Japan! >.< i must go to Japan one day when i have the money!

Rashai said...

Thanks for dropping by, I watch lots of Japanese series and movie and some Korean as well.

There will be your time to go to Japan too someday, ganbate ne..