Friday, January 1, 2010

Otaru - The Town of Hills

Otaru, a beautiful city of western Hokkaido also called 'The town of hills' for local people as there are some hills surrounding the city. It took me only 30 minutes by Kamuy express train from Sapporo and it was a quick visit to this port city famous for its canal. I didn't have enough time to visit the observation point on Mt. Tengu-yama to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of Otaru and its port area though, still I enjoyed my half day scrolling down the famous Otaru canal and sushi-dori street. As I arrived at Otaru station, I just walked down the main street to Otaru Music box museum and enjoyed scrolling the streets with glassworks shops, coffee shops, restaurants lining up along the canal. The shops and buildings have distinctive and attractive architectures and when the night falls the lights and oil lamps are lit, creating even more charming sceneries. Walking down Otaru's streets, you will see some spots in Otaru used for filming some Japanese and Korean movies and serries.

Here are some photos from my half day visit in Otaru, a city of Hokkaido with lots of cafes full of irresistible sweets.

Main street of Otaru

Cafes along the street

Music box museum

The famous canal of Otaru

Night view from the canal

'The real drug store' in Otaru :)

Baikinman in Otaru

Almost forgot that it's New Year's day, Happy New Year to you all fellas!


anGeLine said...

I like Japan so much now.....

Rashai said...

Yes.. it's a lovable place with so much adorable things :)

Yuliana-Fun said...

Hepi new year! :)

Rashai said...

Happy New Year juga Fun.. :)

golden zephyr said...

Happy New Year to you!! Best wishes for 2010!
Those photographs are amazing! They look like picture postcards from another time! I REALLY want to visit there now!

Maybe some day soon! Thanks for sharing! ^^

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Happy New Year To!!

btw, are you sure it's doraemon.. I think it's a cartoon figure from Anpanman.. I forgot the name tho.. haha..

Rashai said...

Golden Zephyr, thanks! Indeed it's a beautiful island worth a visit.

Jeanne, Happy New Year to you too.. Opps... I was wrong, not a doraemon, I'll need to edit then :) Thanks for the correction.


golden zephyr said...

He looks like ばいきんまん (baikinman) from Anpanman!!

Rashai said...

Golden Zephyr, arigato! so now I know the baikinman :) thanks to you!