Friday, January 15, 2010


Kushiage literally means deep fried skewer, is a Japanese cuisine made from deep fried meat, seafood or vegetables and mostly served on skewers. It looks like a yakitori, a kind of grilled things (meat, seafood or vegies) on skewers too.
Osaka is quite famous for its Kushiage cuisine, especially around Shinsekai area. During my visit in Osaka, one friend took us for a walk around Shinsekai and we decided to have Kushiage dinner.It was my first experience enjoying Kushiage cuisine and it was really a good pick!

Here are some of my Kushiage shots..

The crispy batter and melted cheese are yummy blend

Mixed skewers

Mixed Kushiage (chicken, fish and vegetables)

Kushiage dipped in soy sauce

Tofu steak

Beef's skin on skewers

A Kushiage shop in Shinsekai


golden zephyr said...

Yum FOOD! Looks all so yummy! Now I'm hungry!! Haha. I'm not sure about the look of the "beef skin skewers" >.< Haha. I'm sure they taste really good though!!

How long are you in Japan? I love seeing all your photos and hearing about your experiences :D

Rashai said...

I spent 8 nights in Japan during Christmas time, now I am in my hometown but I left half of my heart in Japan :)

golden zephyr said...

Only 8 nights? It seems like you were there for WEEKS!! Wow!! That's amazing! I thought you were still there, posting so much!! :D