Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Miyajima the shrine island, is a beautiful island located about 20 km South-west of Hiroshima city. Known as Japan's three most iconic tourist spots, with Itsukushima shrine registered as World Heritage site, this sacred island believed to be the home of Kami, a shinto deity.

The famous Ohtorii

The famous 'Ohtorii' gate of Itsukushima shrine is widely known around the world as a symbol of Japan, everyone seeing this gate would say,'This is Japan!'.

Miyajima island

Take the local train from Hiroshima station for a-3o minute trip to Miyajima-guchi station and then walk across the road to the pier and take the JR Miyajima ferry for another 10 minutes then you'll be welcomed by the the Ohtorii gate of Miyajima.

Miyajima ferry pier

The ferry to Miyajima

Shops in Miyajima

Miyajima, an island where people and gods dwell together..


golden zephyr said...

Miyajima is so pretty. (I think I say this about most of the places you visit, heh). I heard that the Ohtorii gate was in pretty bad shape these days? Is that still true? Or have there been efforts to restore it?

But, no food!! I even ate before I visited, haha!!

Rashai said...

The gate still looks in good shape, not sure about the underwater pillar but overall the Ohtorii itself looks great.
The only food I ate in Miyajima was an oyster which is one of Miyajima's specialty products, I'll put in another post then :)