Monday, January 25, 2010

Otaru Sweets

It's been one month since I left Japan and seemed like I left half of my heart over there too..
Here is another foodie post from my trip around Japan, especially from Otaru, Hokkaido.
Otaru, an old city worth visiting for its beauty and yummy food. Should you walk on the main streets of Otaru, you'd find cafes and shops along the streets with historic yet charming architectures, some look very traditional and some look very unique and creative. Sushi and seafood might be the most popular food for tourist, besides, there are some worth trying sweets in town, chocolate, cheesecake, sweet potato cake, cream puff and the list still goes on..

Chocolat de Otaru

Sweet Potato cakes in Otaru

Otaru Cream Puff

Apple Pie

Choco Cheesecake from LeTao cafe

LeTao Cheesecake

Christmas' sweets

Kitakaro cakes, fresh from the oven!

Kitakaro cake shop in Otaru

Kitakaro cake


Brad Farless said...

Nice looking stuff. I'm always interested in seeing just how much European and American baking has influenced the "sweets" culture of other countries. It seems like there are more cakes and sweets like what I'm used to there in Japan than here in Singapore. If I were to go up to Japan, I'd definitely keep an eye out for the local specialties.

I wonder if those sweet potato cakes are anything like American sweet potato pie?

Rashai said...

I've never tried American sweet potato pie but the one from Otaru has a really smooth texture and sweet flavor, they also have the one stuffed with ice cream, really a unique taste.

Brad Farless said...

Well, that sounds about right. The smooth texture and sweet flavor I mean. The ice cream in the middle is an interesting twist. It's not uncommon to put a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on the plate with American sweet potato pie though.

grub said...

i thought the name for the round cake with the hole in the middle was called baumkuchen. but i guess thats the original european name, and the japanese renamed it to kitakaro cake. btw it says baumkuchen on the label as well.

but a delicious selection of sweets availiable, YUM!


Rashai said...

Thanks Grub, now I know it's called baumkuchen. I think 'Kitakaro' is more like the shop's brand.