Friday, January 8, 2010

Ramen Walker

Ramen or Japanese noodle is one of my favorite foods and almost every region in Japan has its own variety, from my favorite tonkotsu ramen of Kyushu to miso ramen from Hokkaido.
Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido is famous for its rich miso ramen which is ideal for Hokkaido's snowy winter. Should you visit Sapporo and want to try the local famous ramen, you just need to find one place called Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku (Sapporo Republic Ramen) in ESTA building level 10 just next to Sapporo JR station. You'd find more than a dozen ramen shops with its specialty and you can try different ramen each day just like what I did during my four days visit in this city.
During my trip in Japan last year-end, I could't resist to try every ramen I found in every city I dropped by, not only in Hokkaido but some other cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto as well. Here are some of my ramen's shots:

Starts from my favorite ramen in Sapporo, these two ramens are from Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku.

This one was the best one, unfortunately I couldn't remember the name

Sapporo miso ramen

Miso ramen in Asahikawa

Shoyu ramen in Hakodate

Shio (salty) ramen in Shinagawa (Tokyo)

Tonkotsu ramen in Kyoto

Shoyu ramen in Shinsekai, Osaka

Miso ramen in Namba, Osaka

One ramen shop in Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku

Free eggs from above shop in Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku

Yes the eggs are free! One of ramen shops in Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku offers free eggs with your ramen, you can eat as many as boiled egg with you ramen for free.



golden zephyr said...

mmmm!!!! I'm super hungry now. I'm going to start coming to your blog only after I've eaten!! ^^! Ramen is awesome!

Rashai said...

Golden Zephyr, ..mmmm.. it just made myself hungry too but no more ramen at the moment since I am in a small town where no ramen shop around :)