Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I can go on and on with things I love. I've got a bunch of post from my trip to Hokkaido last December yet I still have some posts I'd like to share since I love Hokkaido! Hokkaido is famous for its seafood, that's another thing I love in Hokkaido. The Hokkaido King Crab? yes I think that's one of the most famous seafoods from Hokkaido but it's very expensive so I tried only the the small grilled crab in Otaru instead of the King ones, quite affordable though.

One morning when I strolled around Hakodate morning market next to the JR Hakodate station, I found this hotate or scallop wrapped in small plastic bag and hung on every shop in the market. This dried hotate is quite famous, said the 'obachan' who sells it, and I couldn't refuse when she gave me some samples to try. The dried ones was a bit hard to chew but then she gave me another one which was very soft and tasty! It was the first time I ate dried scallop and I love it, so I ended up buying one pack of hotate, the dried scallop from Hokkaido.

Hotate or scallop

Hokkaido King Crab

Hokkaido hairy crab

Fresh seafood at Hakodate morning market


Brad Farless said...

With seafood like that available, I don't think I'd miss beef as much as I do now.

How're the prices?

Rashai said...

They are quite expensive though but you get what you pay for :)

Brad Farless said...

I suppose so. I just grew up with the impression that fish and fish related products were cheap in Asia. Well, cheaper than the US anyway. Strange that I find it's not the case more often than not. There seem to be a lot of secret subsidies in the US that most people aren't even aware of.

Satoko said...

oh, I never tried dried hotate!! but yes, sounds delicious for the soft one! :) by the way, I like the pictures on the top of your website! cool!

Rashai said...

Brad, I reckon most of fish is still affordable, except that 'fugu' (blow fish) but crab and lobster are the most expensive ones.

Satoko, thanks for the compliment :) All of those pictures taken during my trip last december.