Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Salmon Lover roll

It was a wet yet muggy weekend, on top of that it was Chinese New Year! The city, especially Chinatown strip up to Town Hall was packed with crowd and CNY celebrations, so I opted to go up north there and enjoy my lunch in a leafy suburb of Artarmon, away from the busy CBD's streets and madding crowds.

Sushi-ya, an authentic Japanese restaurant on a quiet side of Artarmon, off the train station then turn right and it's the first restaurant you'll see on your right-hand side, just right on the corner.
It's not a Japanese restaurant with the best service nor ambience but if you love sushi and sashimi and prefer a relaxing atmosphere then this place is worth a try.

My Salmon lover rolls were superb, fresh salmon with a hint of avocado and topped with ikura (salmon roe).

The tempura was light and tasty.

Fish teriyaki served with mashed potato

I had to admit that the price is above average, but the the portion is quite generous though.


Brad Farless said...

There's a Sushi-ya in Manila that my wife and I like to go to when we're there visiting relatives. The prices there are reasonable and the food is outstanding. Whenever we talk about going to the Philippines Sushi-ya invariably turns up in the conversation.

golden zephyr said...

mmm. sushi... ya! haha. I find restaurants sooo expensive for sushi. good job my husband is a stellar sushi chef ^_^

Rashai said...

Brad, I think Sushi-ya is quite a common name for Japanese resto. Never been to Philippines, are there many Japanese resto? Heard that many Japanese doing business up there.

Golden Zephyr, luck you.. ! :)

Brad Farless said...

It's really the same place. Same logo and everything. I guess they branched out. It's pretty popular. There's even more than one branch in Manila.

I don't think the outlets are being run by Japanese, but there are definitely Japanese doing business in the Philippines. My wife worked for a company once called Jaica or JICA? I forget which, but she said that it was a mostly Japanese office and they used to talk to her in Japanese sometimes and she'd be standing there looking around like... "uuuuhhhh?"

Rashai said...

Brad, I see.. it maybe a kind of franchise or something, would love to venture to Manila and Cebu one day.

Brad Farless said...

Cebu is kind of dangerous right now, with it being so close to those lunatics in the southern islands. You'd have a great time in Manila though I'm sure. If you go, be sure to check out Intramuros. I've actually never been but my wife says it's nice and I'm looking forward to visiting it. It's the old Spanish colony, converted into a tourist area, complete with horse drawn carriages.