Saturday, February 6, 2010

Natsu-Matsuri in Sydney

Tadaima! I am back home in Sydney now.
First weekend in the city, it's supposed to be a hot summer day but unfortunately it rained all night and then all day today! That was bad, too bad, since it's a Natsu-Matsuri (summer festival) day in Sydney. This annual Japanese Festival in Sydney takes place on Palm Grove, Darling Harbour. There were lots of performances like festive folk dancing, taiko drumming, karate and sumo demonstrations, anime cosplay parade and some yummy food stalls. Once again, it was raining and windy so I didn't manage to take any proper photo and I left before the cosplay starts, yes too bad..

(Natsu Matsuri in Sydney)


grub said...

wish we had this is melbourne! sydney always has to be the livelier state doesn't it. i'm jealous :P

Rashai said...

In term of cultural events, yes you can find more festival in Sydney, come to Sydney then :)

grub said...

hi Rashai,

guess what? i was flipping through the local japanese newspaper and i saw a poster with natsu-matsuri on on it!!! hope i can go!!

btw i just came back from sydney, but i like melbourne more :D

gulf said...

envy you! I miss the summer days. Recently I also lose myself in something about Japan,it's really a nice country!

Rashai said...

Grub, agree with you, sometime I feel Sydney is too crowded.. :)

Gulf, I envy you too.. I'd rather the freezing weather than the scorching hot one.. :)