Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bijin Tokei

Bijin Tokei (literally means Beautiful girl clock) is a cool and unique widget by Tokyo-based Phiria Design. The gadget showing diferent picture of Japanese girl every minute holding up a blackboard displaying current time depending on where you live. If you visit the Bijin Tokei website, you can see the profile of each girl on the picture, including their names, birthday, home, blood type, and their 3 size :)

Here are some of the hot girls holding up the analog blackboard sign.

(Photos courtesy of Bijin Tokei)

I have put this widget on my side bar and it's showing the right time in Sydney,  is it showing the right time on your place as well?

Wanna get this awesome widget? You can get it here


Satoko said...

wow! what an interesting clock!
They say in their website, that you may fall in love every one minute :) haha! hmmm, I hope they will offer a "Ikemen (good looking men) Tokei" Clock, too! ^^

Rashai said...

Good idea Satoko!
I'll search for "Ikemen Tokei" for you then.. :)