Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spider roll

After got swollen gums since last week eventually went to dentist yesterday, got x-rayed and the dentist said 'we need to take your tooth out!' ... really? It's something I didn't expect at all but what could I say? So got my wisdom tooth taken out yesterday and it was bleeding all night long, the worst was beside I had to endure the pain I also had to endure my starving as I practically didn't eat anything the whole day except 3 portions of instant cream soup for my dinner. Sounds wierd for you? You may think how would someone still bother eating something while suffering bleeding gums after got a tooth taken out! :) 
Thanks God my gums stopped bleeding when I woke up this morning, so off the church headed to Sakae right away for lunch since it's only a stroll walk down to Liverpool street strip in the city. We ordered fish teriyaki, Tokyo yakiniku which comprises grilled wagyu beef and onion topped with fragant white radish, spring onions and special sauce served with garden salad, rice and miso soup. Anything else? asked the cute waitress, wait.. what's this spider roll? It's a sushi roll with soft-shell crab, vegetables and mayonaise, she explained. Ha! so it has nothing to do with spider at all just the way it served looks like a spider. Ok then, can I have one of  Spider roll and one umeshu as well please?

The spider roll

Tokyo yakiniku

Fish teriyaki

Umeshu (plum wine)

Gochiso-sama deshta! It was a feast!


草(sou) said...

hi Rashai,
Your blog always looks delicious:)
your photos is very good.
..and I love umesyu!


Rashai said...

Hi Sou,

Thanks! Umeshu is my favorite wine, but not many shop sell Japanese wine/sake here so the price is a bit expensive.

Fun said...

wuaaah langsung makan berat nih? :)

Rashai said...

Fun, iya nih pelampiasan abis puasa seharian he..he..:)