Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hana Kohaku

As my craving for plum wine, today I continued the 'unfinished battle' to find my favorite Hana Kohaku in town :) After last week I only got Bohae Plum wine, today I kept wandering around the city , take a quick peek at liquor shops one after another and eventually I found it! It's a liquor shop in Chinatown I always passed by every weekend but never thought they would sell this Hana Kohaku. I need to take $40 out of my pocket for one bottle of 720 ml.

Hana Kohaku is a unique Japanese sake contains plum juice and extract thus tastes a bit sweet and the aroma of umeshu is just so enticing and thrilling your taste-buds. This Hana Kohaku is a product of Tatsuuma-Honkee brewing company from Nishinomiya-go of Nada district, the largest sake-producing region in Japan. This brewery is also the brewer of Sake 'Hakushika' brand, which brewed with selected rice and 'Miyamizu', natural water from Rokko Mountains. Miyamizu known as one of the best 100 waters of Japan which contains a lot of proper mineral for brewing sake. Sake brewed with Miyamizu is characterized by a dry taste.

Here is a taste-chart of Hakushika products:

(picture courtesy of Hakushika)


草(sou) said...

Hi Rashai,
contains plum juice?
the taste is sake that seems to be delicious,and looks nice smell!
You are well informed also about sake:)

Rashai said...

Hi Sou,
actually I know nothing about sake, but I do love drinking plum wine :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rashai
This is my absolute favourite sake/plum wine!!

I've been trying to find this plum wine in Sydney for a while now. Can you pls tell which store you found it in.

Rashai said...

Hi there,
You can find Hana Kohaku at a liquor shop just across Market City in Chinatown (not sure the shop's name) just on the corner of Quay street and Ultimo rd. Alternatively, you can go to Emon Restaurant on 432 Cleveland st Surry Hills, but I am not sure if you need to have your dinner over there so that you can buy that Hana Kohaku, they serve this plum wine in glass and bottle so you can buy the bottle for about $40 (last year 's price) and it's one of my favorite Japanese eateries in town.

Good luck :)