Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Okonomiyaki Robot

Only in Japan..

Interesting news from Japan Times:

Several robot showed off their unique skills during the International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition which runs through Friday at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto Ward. During the "Robot Food Park" demonstration, Okonomoyaki Robot, developed by Osaka-based Toyo Riki Co., boasted its prowess in cooking 'Okonomiyaki' - Osaka's trademark pancake. 

The robot, about the size of a human, skillfully uses its two arms to mix the dough, oil up a pan and flip the okonomiyaki when the time is right. It can even communicate verbally, asking the audience questions such as whether they want mayonnaise on their okonomiyaki.

Wow!.. Wish I were there to have my okonomiyaki cooked and served by that robot.

(Photo courtesy of Japan Times/Satoko Kawsaki)


草(sou) said...

hi Rashai,
I want to eat his okonomiyaki:)
Interesting robot!!
Especially..Hatimaki rolled in the head of the robot is very cute!
He seems to be able to make the crape and hot cake:)

Satoko said...

Interesting! I want this robot at my home! My favorite is "Mix-yaki" with pork, shrimp, squid etc, or cheese as topping. hmmm getting hungry... :)

Rashai said...

Hi Sou,
Yes the Hatimaki makes the Robot so... Japanese.. :)

Same with me, I like the 'mix' one with seafood and pork, plus the cheese! mm.. so yummy!