Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fuji Bakery

Looking for Japanese food in Sydney? You would find plenty of Japanese restaurants across the city, from an affordable Kura to the most expensive one like Tetsuya , but should you look for Japanese bakery, there is only one Japanese Bakery (as far as I know) located in Killarney Heights, north of the city. As an adventurous foodie, I didn't mind to take 20 minutes train-ride to Chatswood station and changed for another 15 minutes ride by Forest bus to find this Fuji Japanese Bakery nestled in a relatively quite suburb away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Once I stepped in the shop, looked around the range of breads, cakes, puddings, twisted doughnuts and other yummy looking desert. As I picked almost one of each from the display, the lady offered the Rum and Raisin roll, a rum flavoured chocolate cake with raisins, definitely it was an offer I couldn't refuse. The Chocolate mouse and Rum and raisin roll cost me $ 2.50 each.

Chocolate mouse & Rum raisin roll

The fruit bread like walnut bread with raisin costs $1.30, while another range of bread like ham and potato salad, ham and egg, tuna pan, mayonaise and cheese, and bacon roll cost around $2.70. These additive-free breads are really yummy, I would comeback again for some daifuku next time since it was sold out already.


Miss Zane said...

Rum Raisin ... 0.o mauuuuu...

Satoko said...

ummm, chocolate mouse's looking so cute, must be hard to bite! X<

I like daifuku, too! especially "Ichigo-daifuku", stuffed with bean paste and one piece of big strawberry!!! Have you tried?

草(sou) said...

hi Rashai,
chocolate mouse is very cute:)
The bread of the cheese seems to be also delicious:)

The toast with your illustration and the photograph can be made from the page above♪

Rashai said...

Miss Zane,
I know..I know... your favorite flavor, isn't it?

Yes, too cute to be eaten :)
I love Ichigo daifuku too! I tried a few times, also got one post for Ichigo daifuku.

Indeed they are delicious, I love the cheesy bread.
Thanks for the link.