Saturday, June 13, 2009

Passionflower Desert

Last weekend I happened to hang around with a best friend in the city and we ended up sitting in a desert cafe just off Town Hall station. This Passionflower cafe offers a range of tempting ice cream and desert, their signature's flavours include durian, Japanese green tea, taro, black sesame, lychee and rose petal, sticky rice and jackfruit.

We picked a green tea latte and a set of their masterpice desert which comprises two scoops of taro and black sesame ice cream, banana crepes, a small glass of tiramisu, green tea mousse, glutinous rice balls with black sesame and pancakes. This set priced at $25 but you can share with 1-2 friends.

Masterpiece set

Green tea latte


草(sou) said...

Hi Rashai,
very delicious and pretty!
Especially, the green tea is cute!!
Your food photos is always really delicious:)

Fun said...

green tea latte?? hmm....apa rasanya yak??? duhhh kok berasa makan sayur bayam :)

Rashai said...

Hi Sou,

Hi Fun,
green tea latte? lumayan juga kok Fun, even lebih suka coffee latte biasa :) jauh dong dari rasa sayuran.. tapi manfaat green tea ga kalah ama sayuran lho, bisa buat diet :) lol.