Sunday, May 24, 2009

Deep fried fish

It's a nice Sunday! 
The weather has been unfriendly over the past few days with gusty wind and heavy rain all week causing disaster in some of northern region, but today is a nice break. I didn't have any plan for this weekend apart from my weekly shopping and cooking, and today's lunch special was deep fried fish in sweet and sour sauce from my own kitchen.

Deep fried fish in sweet & sour sauce

My favorite fish for home cooking especially deep fried is Burumundi but today just couldn't find the right size, all the burumundi was about 2 kilos at least, just way too big.. so I tried Talapia, and it's not bad though.


草(sou) said...

Good evening:)
deep fried fish in sweet and sour sauce look like very delicious!!
We also have the eaten thing to the fry without coating of pork or chicken instead of the fish:)
(We use vinegar etc. for this with the seasoning a little.
I love even fish and meat♪

gulf said...

hi,Rashai,gulf is here.
your cooking level is really high:)and the cuisine of fish likes my father's cooking.He cooks Chinese family food very well.And a little shallot maybe more savory,I think.
you must be a good husband!^^

Rashai said...

Hi Sou,
Normally the fish fried in a coating but sometimes I'm just too lazy to make it with the coating :)

Hi Gulf,
Thanks, but my skill is still very basic :) I do cook Chinese or Indonesian food at home. I think your father must be a good cook.
Thanks for your advise, I'll put some shallot next time :)

Gigih said...

bikin ngiler aje pak :)

Rashai said...

Thanks Gih!
Ada angin apa nih loe sempat ngunjungin blog gua, kasi comment lagi he..he.. :)