Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ryo's Noodle House

I made it to this Japanese noodle house located in Crows Nest yesterday, 10 minutes away from the CBD. Ryo's noodle house is very famous for Ramen lovers in Sydney, located in a relatively quiet area yet people come all the way from around Sydney to slurp one of the best ramen in town. 
As soon as I walked through the noren I knew that I'm in love with this restaurant. The paper scrolls on the wall displaying the menu in Japanese script just makes this place looks so authentic and traditional. Ramen starts from $9 and $12 for the house special ramen.
Normally I love the tonkotsu ramen (pork soup) but this time I picked a Tokyo style soy sauce ramen and a salty ramen with prawn meatballs. The Tokyo ramen comes in chicken stock soup with pork, egg, bamboo shoot and a big square nori (seaweed). 
Even better for big eaters! If a big bowl of ramen is just not enough for you, just say 'kaedama', and the staff will refill your bowl with extra noodle for only $3, make sure you leave enough amount of the soup for the second serve of the noodle.

Prawn meatball ramen in salty soup

Tokyo soy sauce ramen

a range of toppings you can choose from

Is it really a good place for ramen? well.. you can tell from the queue snaking into the street 


gulf said...

$9 and $12 澳元?How do you feel? cheap or expensive ?The noodle stall in nanjing sells noodle with pork ,vegetable or egg only need $1or $2 (6~12元).
But in these year,Japanese noodle is very popular in the east of China,such as in nanjing.The price is a little higher,approximately $3 and $6(15-30 yuan)
this Japanese noodle is not similar to your shoot these noodles are more lite than I ever saw it.I like the first one.hah,prawn meatballs^-^

Rashai said...

Hi Gulf,
Here $9 for a big bowl of ramen is an average price, I know it's very expensive compare to noodle in China. My favorite ramen is tonkotsu, the one with pork bone soup :)

onsen soaker said...

It looks not at all different from ramen in Japan.

My husband and I tried bakme noodle in Jakarta last year and it was so tasty. We agreed it was better than ramen!

Rashai said...

Hi Onsen soaker,
Thanks for dropping by, glad to hear you like bakmie :)
Indeed ramen in Ryo's is really authentic, it's one of my favorite places in Sydney.

beckyferris said...

i love the swirls... very pretty

草(sou) said...

hi,I like ramen,too.
and I love tonkotu ramen!!
It's seem to be very delicious^^
kaedama is hakata style♪
You will be able to choose the hardness of the noodle,hakata style in japan^^

Rashai said...

Hi Sou,
You're rite! tonkotsu is the best :) I should visit Hakata next time then.