Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fish market

It's been a while since the last time I went to fish market and this morning a friend asked me to have lunch together at fish market, so I gave it a go and it was quite fun walking around the seafood market and enjoy the view of the harbour and enticing aroma of grilled seafood.

Sydney Fish Market is claimed to be the world's second largest seafood market in term of variety outside of Japan. How about the biggest one? it's not hard to guess , yes! The world's biggest Fish market is in Japan,  it's Tsukiji Fish Market located in Central Tokyo.
If you are looking for a widest variety of seafood in Australia, Sydney Fish Market in Blackwattle Bay, Pyrmont, on the foreshore of Sydney harbour,  sells more than 100 species of seafood, ready to take home or cooked to satisfy your craving for seafood while enjoy the view of the wharf and harbour, just be carefull with the seagulls flying around trying to snatch your food away!

a range of fresh fish 

The popular lobster mornay (half lobster) with chips and salad priced at $17 and a prawn skewer for $3 were more than enough to satisfy my craving for seafood today.

half of lobster mornay

prawn skewer


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty cool. :D

Rashai said...

Thanks Sayuri!

Miss Zane said...

Mau mau mau mau mau
Ikan bakar..yummmm

Rashai said...

Miss Zane, come on over.. bring your DSLR and we'll have lots of fun hunting for yummy seafood :)

草(sou) said...

I don't know Tsukiji Fish Market is the biggest market!
I seem a kind of fish different from Japan to be in the market. I want to eat it♪The third the photograph from on is wonderful ..the nostalgic style it:D

Rashai said...

Sou, thanks! yes there are a lot of fish but no 'blow fish' like in Japan, I'd like to try blow fish at least once despite the risk :) have you ever tried blow fish (Fugu)?

草(sou) said...

I have eaten fugu with several-time Sashimi. We can eat with Sashimi,Tenpura, fugu-tiri(japanese-pan) ,etc♪
By the way, I remember the red lobster that ate when going to Australia was very delicious:D