Saturday, May 30, 2009

My favorite restaurants

I often got these questions:
What is your favorite restaurant? or what is your favorite dish?

I'd say: Menya, Makoto, Kura, Emon.. wait.. isn't favorite supposed to be only one? well not for me. I have favorite places for each dish and occasion, so if you ask me about ramen I'd say Menya, for sushi I'd go to Makoto, talking about teriyaki? Sakae is my favorite one, or just want to have an affordable lunch set like katsu don? Kura is on my first list, or if I would take a friend to a nice restaurant with a great range of premium sushi and seafood I would book the table at Masuya, and as my craving for Okonomiyaki this weekend, we went to Emon for the yummiest okonomiyaki in town! 
We ordered one seafood Okonomiyaki and a glass of umeshu, while reading the menu I found wagyu beef on the list as well and couldn't stand my self to try. The wagyu steak was served in a simple way with some cherry tomatoes and haricot beans yet the taste was superb, it melts on your tonque! and yes this place has become my favorite one for wagyu beef beside their okonomiyaki.

Wagyu beef steak

Seafood Okonomiyaki

Those I mentioned above only the first page of my Sydney's favorites list :)  I also consider myself as an adventurous foodie, so when I have no plan for particular food, I'd opt for the one I have heard about but have yet to visit.


草(sou) said...

Wagyu beef steak Tseems to be soft and delicious♪

I love it:)
There are a Hiroshima style and a Osaka style when roughly classifying it.
Hiroshima style is on the inside also with the chow mein:)
Bothstyles are very delicious;)

Rashai said...

Hi Sou,

I tried the Hiroshima style once and it was delicious too but I think I like Osaka style better :)

Designer said...

Hello Sou,
Great Blog you've got going here. The food photos are extreme. I think I've gained 10lbs. Just veiwing them.
All the best,

Rashai said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the visit and comment, I'll try to post the healthy ones then.. :)