Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love Land

Love Land in Chongqing, China's first-ever sex theme park has been torn down by the government.  I copy this article  from yahoo news

"Love Land, set to open in October in the southwestern city of Chongqing , featured exhibits on sexual history and how-to workshops, the China Daily newspaper reported last week. A picture of the park entrance showed a signboard with the park's name straddled by a giant pair of women's legs topped by a red thong.But the plans left Chongqing officials red-faced. They ordered the park torn down over the weekend, the China Daily reported."

(Photo courtesy of AFP)

This news reminds me about Jeju Love Land, I happened to visit this unique sex-theme park in the beautiful Jeju island, South Korea, in Christmas 2006. It was really an unforgetable experience visiting an island full of beautiful nature, sweet tangerine, yummy seafood and friendly local people.

I got a  post  Jeju Love Land  and actualy this post has been quite popular over the past few days with more than 400 hits a day, it's really a surprising number for me and it's my record hits in a day so far. I haven't got a clue why so many people searching for Jeju Love Land on the web lately and some of them ended up on my post. Sure I am very happy with the hits even my post actually is far from a cool post, it's a short post with poor quality pictures since I didn't manage to get good pictures with my old pocket camera at that time.


草(sou) said...

It is interesting objet!
I look like the loincloth of Japan(fundosi)..When Sumo wrestling, wear it:)

Rashai said...

Hi Sou,
I just noticed it looks like a sumo costume :)

Yuliana-Fun said...

hehehe penasaran dalemnya ada apa aja? pengen ngintiippp ajaaa.. hehehehe :)

Rashai said...

Fun, you can check a few photos on my Jeju Love Land post, unfortunately I didn't manage to take many pictures at that time. I believe some 'hot sculptures' in giant size will amuse you enough... :)

Yuliana-Fun said...

hahahah udah liat fotonya... lucu yaak ada taman begitu..hahahaha :)

Anonymous said...

hello,Rashai,I am gulf,
to my surprise, chongqing重庆is so open.But,I do not support it.It didn't accord our traditional ideas,maybe I cannot accept this park,though it is attractive……hah

I wanted to left this message to you,when I read your blog several days ago.But at that time the Word Verification cannot be displayed .so I can't post my words.the agent website is not very steady.

Rashai said...

Hi Gulf,
Glad to hear from you. For me, it's acceptable as long as the park is more like art than 'vulgar' or indecent content and for adult visitor only.
I didn't notice my comment setting before till you told me, thanks!
Wish you can get your blog back!