Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bohae Plum Wine

It's a lazy sunday for me as the temperature's getting cool and feels like a good time to hibernate. I was too lazy to cook so just prepared my Tuna rice bowl, apart from the rice, it took me not even 5 minutes as I used canned Tuna :) It's a bowl of warm jasmine rice served with Tuna mixed with mayonaise, topped with some roasted seaweed sprinkle and katsuoboshi (grated fish flake).

My Tuna rice bowl

Today's best part was: Plum wine! It's hard to find my favorite Hana-Kohaku sake (Japanese plum wine) in the city so I got this Korean Plum wine instead. It's an imported Korean Plum wine from Bohae brewery. This plum wine goes well with raw fish and fresh food, I really love the sweet taste and exotic aroma of Plum wine.

Korean Plum wine


middle-angel said...

Tuna rice bowl looks delicious!!
I love Korean food, too.

middle-angel said...

Tuna rice bowl looks delicious.
I love your way of taking photos.

Rashai said...

Thanks for dropping by, I do love taking photos but I am still an amateur and using only a pocket camera.

草(sou) said...

I love Tuna rice bowl,too!
Plum wine..feel good smell:)
It seems to be suitable for the cake.

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

wah wah.. keliatan nya enak nih..

Rashai said...

Indeed..the aroma of umeshu is so enticing that I would sip it anytime even without food :)


Carolyn Blount Brodersen said...

You know, sometimes the simplest things are the best. Why not?

Rashai said...

Indeed... Let's make life simple :)
Thank for dropping by.