Sunday, July 12, 2009


Kyaraben is a style of arranging and decorating bento (lunch box) and in Japan bento is much more than just a boxed meal. It's very common in Japan that housewifes often spend considerable time decorating their children's lunch box. The lunch box normally comprises rice, fish/meat, pickled or cooked vegetables as side dishes. The bento decorated to look like people, animal, or cute comic's characters. Originally the idea of decorating bento is to make the food much more appealing for the kids so that they would be happy to bring and eat their bento at school. But now making a fancy and attractive bento has become a part of Japanese culture which is famous for its creativity. In Japan, they even have a national contest for making an attractive bento where kyaraben artists will show off their creativity and the winner would get an opportunity to become a famous speaker in some seminars.

Here are some great works of Kyaraben artist I got from the net

Cute bento!


Miss Zane said...

It's so cute I would never eat that lunch !!

Satoko said...

hi, it's much more than a lunch box, an art or decoration! :) too cute to eat...

Very traditional chara in Bento maybe "tako wiener"!! wiener with eight legs! I like it! :)

Rashai said...

Miss Zane,
Yup, too cute to be eaten, I'd just let my eyes 'eat' them :)

Bento with tako? can you make it? :)